Zack De La Rocha and Carolina Sarmiento

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  • WebMii - Carolina Sarmiento - WebMii - Busque personas y consigue ...
    "Toda la información sobre Carolina Sarmiento: e-mail, trabajo, blogs, teléfono, dirección, redes sociales, sitios web y WebMii Score." - source
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    "Hi everyone. I have just registered so therefore I'm new, but I have been reading on here for a long time Anyways this is a neat story about how Zack almost missed the ..." - source
  • Is Rage Against the Machine's frontman Zach de la Rocha married or ...
    "I've read that he is engaged to a PhD student at UCI named Carolina Sarmiento. She teaches folklorico dances and runs a non-profit organization named "El Centro Cultural ..." - source
  • Carolina sarmiento married? – kgb answers
    "Carolina sarmiento married? The KGB Agent answer: Carolina Sarmiento is married to Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha." - source
  • Where does Zach de la Rocha live and is he married or dating
    "I think he lives in Highland Park (northeast L.A ) i think, his dad gave me painting lessons a while back and i did not realize it until last year. if he does that would ..." - source
  • Orange County Zack Is Back - OC Weekly - Orange County News ...
    "ZACK’S BACK? Earlier this year, the nonprofit Centro Cultural de Mexico hosted a grand reopening party for its new downtown Santa Ana location." - source
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