Woolworth Donahue and Mary Hartline

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  • Mary Hartline Contents - Broadcasting in Chicago, 1921-1989, the ...
    "Curator's Note: It's amazing how many remember Mary Hartline, even though her television debut was more than half a century ago---and even though here career in the ..." - source
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    "by Billy Ingram pictures thanks to Kevin S. Butler. Wholesomely sexy Mary Hartline was a breakout star in the days when there were very few TV stations on ..." - source
  • Bernadine - America
    "Minnie Winifred Hartline was born about 1919 in Witt, IL, daughter of Lester Adam and Myrtle Lucinda Dixon Hartline. She married 1. William Oakes Eldridge, August 1936 ..." - source
  • Mary Hartline - Email, Address, Phone numbers, everything ...
    "Everything you need to know about Mary Hartline Email addresses, Phone numbers, Biography, Farmer, Plyler, Zoom" - source
  • The Journal News
    "This year's Distinguished Alumni award will go to two Hillsboro High School graduates with successful careers in television. Mary Hartline Donahue, class of 1945, went on ..." - source
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    "Q -- I am trying to get some information about my 22-inch Mary Hartline doll, still in its original box. The doll is either a majorette or drum major, I am not certain ..." - source
  • The heiress who blew the Woolworth's billions on vodka breakfasts ...
    "Frank W. Woolworth was a colossus, a man who started life in the backwoods but went on to build a worldwide business empire and a mighty New York skyscraper, the ..." - source
  • Permanently New York - Los Angeles Times - Featured Articles From ...
    ""The Egyptian influence is again seen in the monument of Frank Winfield Woolworth (1852-1919) (Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, N.Y). You will recognize it first by the buxom ..." - source
  • Super Circus - Vol. 1 DVD Movie - CD Universe - Your Online Music ...
    "Great lost episodes from an all time classic family variety show. This is the only Mary Hartline video. Stars also making their debut in this video: Claude kirchner." - source

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