Ted Turner and Catherine Crier

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GreyHair ColorBlonde
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  • Who is Catherine Crier married to - The Q&A wiki
    "I believe she has been married twice and divorced twice. She has been dating Ted Turner of late." - source
  • Cahtherine Crier dating Ted Turner [Archive] - Websleuths Crime ...
    "[Archive] Cahtherine Crier dating Ted Turner Up to the Minute ... And I thought Catherine Crier was married...off to Google.... Jeana (DP) 04-23-2007, 10:29 AM." - source
  • Ted Turner (Philanthropist) - Pics, Videos, Dating, & News
    "Ted Turner (74 years old) ... Catherine Crier. Dated 2006. Jane Fonda. Married 1991 - 2001. Jane Shirley Smith. Married 1965 - 1988. Jane Smith. Married 1964 - 1988." - source
  • List of people from Texas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "Morris W. Turner (1931–2008), ... a former First Lady of the United States (married to President Lyndon B. Johnson) ... Catherine Crier (born 1954), ..." - source
  • Catherine Crier Married to - Ask.com
    "Catherine Crier is an award-winning journalist, ... More Related to "catherine crier married to" ... She has been dating Ted Turner of late." - source
  • Here's a lovely pairing: Ted Turner and Catherine Crier ...
    "... Ted Turner and Catherine Crier: Catherine USED to be ... No one in the audience asked Turner about a possible relationship as he delivered wide-ranging remarks to ..." - source
  • Are Ted Turner and Catherine Crier still dating? - The Q&A wiki
    "Yes - they were seen dining together at Ted's Montana Grill in Crystal City, VA, on 9/18/08." - source
  • Catherine Crier Photos
    "Latest Catherine Crier Images. Recent Photo of Catherine Crier. Lucy Me; Who's Dated Who; Lucy Who; FanPix; All Star Pics; Gozors; ... Ted Turner. Fréderique D'arragon." - source
  • Whatever Happened to Ted Turner? - The Hollywood Reporter
    "Ted Turner gloats on ... who ousted him in a putsch that severed their relationship, ... How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse and Catherine Crier ..." - source
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