Sammy Davis Jr. and Peggy Lipton

5' 5" (165cm)Height5' 8" (173cm)
BlackHair ColorBlonde
BrownEye ColorBrown
23 262 1,604 4,776 9,010 13,313 Connections 9 161 933 3,817 9,018 14,656
Actor  Famous ForActress  
Star Sign Compatibility



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    "Samuel George "Sammy" Davis Jr. was an American entertainer and was also known for ... Peggy Lipton. Dated. ... Davis had a complex relationship with the African ..." - source
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    "Peggy Lipton. AKA Margaret Ann ... Her sudden fame gave Lipton an "in" for brief encounters with everyone from Keith Moon to Sammy Davis, Jr., ... When they married, ..." - source
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    "What do Paul McCartney, Sammy Davis Jr., ... Peggy Lipton had sex with all of them. Well, Elvis was a little too pumped with drugs to really close the deal." - source

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