Roddy McDowall and Tab Hunter

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  • Roddy McDowall - RoyalWeb - CountyHistorian dot com - Professional ...
    "Roddy McDowall. Born in London in 1928 to Thomas Andrew McDowall (1896-1978) and his wife Winsfriede L. Corcoran (1899-1965), Roddy McDowall had already been in several ..." - source
  • Roddy McDowall Filmography
    "View Roddy McDowall's filmography, actor bio, upcoming movie release dates, photos, and more on Fandango." - source
  • Tab Hunter at Brian's Drive-In Theater
    "Actor Tab Hunter starred in many films from the 1950s through the 1980s. The Tab Hunter page at Brian's Drive-In Theater contains photos, biography and filmography ..." - source
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    "Movie Search Found Roddy McDowall in 60 movies between the years 1938 and 1997." - source
  • The aptly-named Roddy McDowall - Soap Chat
    "Not to be confused with Andie... Roddy McDowall was one of the best liked people in ... Cake and fried interesting combination. ... really? HIM? hug ..." - source
  • Gay For Today: Roddy McDowall
    "Roddy McDowall born 17 September 1928 (d. 1998) Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude McDowall was born in London on to a Scottish father and an Irish mother." - source
  • Tab Hunter Biography and Filmography
    "Tab Hunter, Filmography Movie Credits and Career Highlights" - source
  • Dan Leo: The very talented Mr. Roddy McDowall
    "Phineas Barton: Assassin for the CIA (unrated director's cut) (1964; B&W; 79 min.; Roddy McDowall, Anna Karina, Tab Hunter, Sue Lyon, Herbert Lom; music by ..." - source
  • Tab Hunter - Movies - Home page at
    "Movie Search Found Tab Hunter in 19 movies between the years 1954 and 1995." - source
  • Gay For Today: Tab Hunter
    "Tab Hunter born 11 July 1931 A product of Hollywood’s golden age, Tab Hunter - born Arthur Andrew Kelm - became Hollywood’s golden boy as one of the first ..." - source

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