Paris Hilton and Criss Angel

5' 8" (173cm)Height6' (183cm)
BlondeHair ColorBrown
BlueEye ColorBrown
Herpes  sourcesAlleged STDs
Marajuana  Cocaine  Alcohol  sourcesAlleged Drugs
55 504 1,977 5,465 10,412 15,744 Connections 22 201 1,320 4,148 9,340 15,084
 Famous ForMagic  
Star Sign Compatibility



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    "After photos such as this one, Criss Angel denies ever having dated heiress, Paris Hilton and even says it’s laughable. Yeah, I believe you, Criss. I totally do…NOT!" - source
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    "HOLLYWOOD - Illusionist Criss Angel has hit out at claims he's dating Paris Hilton, insisting the recent "lies" about his relationship with Cameron Diaz prove the ..." - source
  • Criss Angel is married, doesn’t care, dates Cameron Diaz
    "Turns out Mindfreak magician Criss Angel has been married for the past five years to a woman named Joanne Sarantakos, and the two kept their relationship a secret to ..." - source
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