Nikki Sixx and Vanity

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  • Nikki Sixx on Vanity.... - where fans of Prince music ...
    "One thing he touches on in the Heroin Diaries was that part of the reason he continued the relationship with Vanity was ... Vanity but I still love Nikki Sixx ..." - source
  • Nikke Sixx & Vanity - where fans of Prince music meet ...
    "It wasn't much of a relationship anyway, and the drugs had caused her to lose a kidney. ... Nikki Sixx and Vanity lived together as a couple for a while in the 80s, ..." - source
  • Nikki Sixx - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "From December 1986 to September 1987, Sixx dated singer/actress/model Vanity. ... The Side Show with Nikki Sixx is a two-hour original weekend program." - source
  • Vanity Denise Katrina Matthews.....model, singer, actress ...
    "Add your own comments to "Vanity Denise Katrina Matthews.....model, singer, actress.....lead singer of Vanity 6.....dated Prince, Nikki Sixx, etc" from Tgirl ..." - source
  • 80's Biographies: Vanity - 80s Music, Fashion ...
    "In the late '80s, Vanity started dating Nikki Sixx, ... Vanity cheekily said in interviews that after she married Nikki, she would be Vanity Sixx. But the ..." - source
  • Nikki Sixx (Musician) - Pics, Videos, Dating, & News
    "Nikki Sixx (54 years old) ... Romance. Check out the latest love interests for Nikki Sixx. ... Vanity. Dated 1986 - 1987. Kimberly Foster." - source
  • Nikki Sixx and Jane Dickinson Relationship Details | ShagTree
    "Relationship dating details of Nikki Sixx and Jane Dickinson and all the other celebrities they've hooked up with. ... Nikki Sixx and Vanity Relationship, ..." - source
  • Nikki Sixx and Vanity Relationship, Pictures, Videos, Timeline ...
    "On this page we invite you to read about nikki sixx and vanity relationship and to contribute with interesting facts you may know. You may edit the description of the ..." - source
  • Nikki Sixx Dating Denise Richards? See Who Else He's Dated ...
    "The newest woman to join the large ”I’ve Dated Nikki Sixx” club is rumored to be mom of two Denise ... In the eighties he dated singer/actress/model Vanity." - source
  • Nikki Sixx engaged: Who's the lucky lady? - Boston Celebrity ...
    "Nikki Sixx engaged : Who's the lucky ... articles on various topics for where she covers everything from UFO sightings and paranormal activity to romance ..." - source

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