Nikki Gil and Gab Valenciano

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  • Nikki Gil talks about working with Gab Valenciano and Billy ...
    "Witness a one of a kind episode of Your Song this Sunday as real-life sweethearts Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford and Rachelle Ann Go and Gab Valenciano take part in a love ..." - source
  • Nikki Gil
    "Nikki graduated from Shekinah Christian Academy in March 2004 as batch valedictorian. Nikki was also a voice talent for various TV/radio commercials and jingles such as ..." - source
  • Nikki Gil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "Monica Pauline "Nikki" Gil (born August 23, 1987, Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino singer, actress, host, model and myx VJ." - source
  • Nikki Gil
    "Nikki Gil, whose real name is Monica Pauline Santos Gil was born on August 23, 1987 in Manila, Philippines. She is a Filipina singer, host, model and actress." - source
  • Billy Crawford on Nikki Gil: ‘She takes care of me’ :: ABS-CBN ...
    "The special episode of Your Song Presents: Feb-Ibig this February 8 will star real-life couples Gab Valenciano and Rachelle Ann Go and Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil." - source
  • Nikki Gil knew about Billy Crawford’s ex-girlfriend ::
    "In the Sixcrets segment of Entertainment Live last March 21, Nikki Gil dispelled rumors that she and Billy Crawford had a misunderstanding after Billy admitted that he had ..." - source
  • Gab Valenciano Confirms His Relationship with Isabel Oli
    "Singer-dancer Gabriel ‘Gab’ Valenciano finally confirmed his relationship with actress Isabel Oli. Valenciano said he and Oli have been going steady for 2 months now ..." - source
  • Nikki Gil - - Philippine TV Guide
    "Related news articles, stories, or items about Nikki Gil." - source
  • Nikki Gil-->"Pop Angel" *~=-) - PinoyExchange
    "Local Movies and TV > Female Celebrities ... Welcome Nixters! Name : Monica Pauline Gil Nickname : Nikki Birthday : August 23 ... Wohoo!! I like Nikki!! I saw her ..." - source
  • Double Sighting.. Anne Curtis and Nikki Gil both with a “white ...
    "Tribute to all the Filipino celebrities using a BlackBerry ... Celebrity Sightings. Wow !!!! Double sighting !!! Anne Curtis and Nikki Gil (back with Billy Joe) both busy ..." - source

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