Nat King Cole and Gunilla Hutton

6' 1" (185cm)Height5' 7" (170cm)
BlackHair Color
BrownEye Color
6 115 879 3,226 6,630 10,763 Connections 1 6 115 879 3,226 6,630
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  • 1960s / Gunilla Hutton-Nat King Cole Romance
    "Gunilla Hutton was the Swedish singer/dancer who was the second actress to play eldest sister Billie Jo Bradley on Petticoat Junction. She was also a regular on Hee ..." - source
  • Quotes About the Marriage of Maria and Nat King Cole -- Marriage ...
    "Here are quotes about the nearly 17-year marriage of Maria and Nat King Cole ... I loved being married to ... Natalie Cole: "... I knew nothing of Gunilla Hutton, ..." - source
  • Nat King Cole (Pianist) - Pics, Videos, Dating, & News
    "Nat King Cole (1919 - 1965) ... Romance. Check out the latest ... Judy Garland. Dated 1964 - 1965. Gunilla Hutton. Dated 1963 - 1965. Natalie Cole. Married 1948 - 1965." - source
  • Gunilla Hutton (Actress) - Pics, Videos, Dating, & News
    "Gunilla Hutton (68 years old) ... Romance. Check out the latest love interests for Gunilla Hutton. Nat King Cole. Dated 1963 - 1965." - source
  • Unforgettable - The New York Times - Breaking News, World News ...
    "NAT KING COLE By Daniel Mark ... He divorced and married again, this time to a woman of impeccable social and musical pedigree. ... Gunilla Hutton, ..." - source
  • THE PROBLEM WITH GUNILLA HUTTON? - Sitcoms Online Message Boards ...
    "THE PROBLEM WITH GUNILLA HUTTON? Petticoat Junction ... stemming from her scandalous relationship/affair with Nat King Cole, who was a married man at the time" - source
  • Gunilla Hutton and Nat Cole Relationship, Pictures, Videos ...
    "On this page we invite you to read about gunilla hutton and nat cole relationship and to contribute with interesting facts you may know. You may edit the description ..." - source
  • Nat King Cole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "He also appeared in The Nat King Cole ... The Coles were married in Harlem's ... he was estranged from his wife Maria and living with actress Gunilla Hutton, ..." - source
  • Respect where it's due - Page 2 -
    "Nat King Cole and Gunilla Hutton. Nat King Cole was married twice but after the breakup of his second marriage, maintained a relationship with Gunilla Hutton ..." - source
  • YouRememberThat.Com - Taking You Back In Time... - Search
    "The second Billie Jo (Gunilla Hutton) was allegedly Nat King Cole's mistress. She was later a regular on Hee Haw. ... 1960s Gunilla Hutton-Nat King Cole Romance." - source

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