Merv Griffin and Eva Gabor

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BlueEye ColorBrown
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    "Who was eva gabor married to? peter gabor Which gabor sister dated merv griffin? Eva Gabor dated Merv Griffin in the 1990s. When did Merv Griffin die?" - source
  • The Gist
    "Merv Griffin's Dangerous ... Sontag's death and the obituary cover-up of her sexual orientation and her relationship with Annie ... was truly dating Eva Gabor." - source
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    "View photos of Eva Gabor with Merv Griffin on IMDb!" - source
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    "(CBS) For 23 years Merv Griffin hosted his own talk show, ... In the 1980s he began a long-term relationship with actress Eva Gabor, ..." - source
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    "Mervyn Edward "Merv" Griffin, Jr. (July 6, 1925 ... and "personality" performers like Zsa Zsa Gabor. Griffin also booked controversial guests like George Carlin, ..." - source
  • Did Eva Garbo die wife of Merv Griffin? - Yahoo! Answers
    "Best Answer: Merv Griffin married only once and was divorced in 1976. Her name was Julann Wright. He and EVA GABOR (Sister of Zsa Zsa Gabor} dated for ..." - source
  • Eva Gabor - Biography
    "Eva Gabor died at age 76 from respiratory failure and pneumonia ... Married and divorced five times. Eva's first ... Lived platonically with Merv Griffin, ..." - source
  • Merv Griffin's Birthday Party, Anyone? - Los Angeles Times
    "Merv Griffin, the television host ... had a birthday over the weekend and Eva Gabor, ... Spain--said they'll be married Aug. 17 in Northern California at the Sterling Vineyard." - source
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    "Merv Griffin Gay Singer and Media Billionaire ... He dealt with them by beginning a high profile relationship with actress Eva Gabor, ..." - source
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    "Get the complete biography of Merv Griffin on Yahoo! Movies. ... Eva Gabor. dated on and off for nine years until her death in July 1995; ..." - source

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