Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio

  • Marilyn Monroe marries Joe DiMaggio — This ...
    "It was the ultimate All-American romance: the tall, handsome hero of the country’s national pastime captures the heart of the beautiful, glamorous Hollywood star ..." - source
  • Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were about to get married.
    "Marilyn & Joe. By Mat Wilson. Joe DiMaggio met Marilyn Monroe in 1952, he was thirty-seven, she was twenty-five. He was the original, Broadway Joe the dominant force ..." - source
  • Marilyn Monroe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "Monroe and Joe DiMaggio when they were married in January 1954. ... Many books have been written about Marilyn Monroe. A selection is below: Marilyn: ..." - source
  • A Look Back At Marilyn Monroe And Joe DiMaggio's Wedding ...
    "Sixty years ago today -- on January 14, 1954 -- the up-and-coming silver screen siren Marilyn Monroe married New York Yankees ballplayer Joe DiMaggio in ..." - source
  • Marilyn Monroe Thought Joe DiMaggio Was 'Great In Bed' (VIDEO)
    "Marilyn Monroe Thought Joe DiMaggio Was 'Great ... what drew them together in the first place? Monroe's close friend Amy Greene dropped by HuffPost Live ..." - source
  • Unhappily Married — Marilyn Monroe — Crime Library
    "In 1952, Marilyn's love life was also taking off. Marilyn had affairs with several people including baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and writer Bob Slatzer." - source
  • Joe DiMaggio wanted Marilyn Monroe to be his demure ...
    "Joe DiMaggio wanted Marilyn Monroe to be his demure housewife so when she posed for this ... Marilyn Monroe had ... his relationship with Marilyn was ..." - source
  • Inside DiMaggio and Monroe’s twisted love | New York Post
    "... weeks after Marilyn Monroe filed for ... Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio in the 1950s ... Though she still slept with DiMaggio, Marilyn had moved ..." - source
  • Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio were married 60 years ago ...
    "Sixty years ago today one of the most famous marriages in American history became official: Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio. “I don’t think it was a surprise at ..." - source
  • Joe DiMaggio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe staying at Imperial Hotel in Tokyo on their ... James steals the jacket Marilyn Monroe wore the day she married DiMaggio from ..." - source

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