Lucky Luciano and Gay Orlova

5' 10" (177cm)Height 
2 9 170 1,230 3,561 6,694 Connections 1 2 9 170 1,230 3,561
SagittariusStar Sign

ShagTree Rank: 6

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  • Salvatore-Calcedonia's Blog: Gay Orlova| "Gay all Over."
    "Born Galina Orlova, a girl of Russian-French blood, in Petrograd in pre-Soviet Russia. She fled the Bolsheviks as a toddler, with her mother Antonina." - source
  • Salvatore-Calcedonia's Blog
    "Hello, World Wide Web, your occasional genealogists, and all who inhabit it. I have something that I would like to say, in the slimmest hope that someone, like me, who is ..." - source
  • Mobsters
    "A lucky boy. You're playing again? ... Charlie and Gay Orlova sit a discreet but ... LUCIANO Married? To Anna?" - source
  • Grandpa, Lucky Luciano. R.I.P. by ~Turiddu-Lucania on deviantART
    "Approx. 14 days until November 24th. My and my grandpa's birthday. And yes, I ball me eyes out every time I go! I'm not ashamed to say it! It..." - source
  • Genealogy, really important to me! Help!? - Yahoo! Answers
    "Ok, I don’t know exactly how to put this. My great grandmother who died 3 yrs. Ago told me that my great great grandpa’ was Charles “Lucky” Luciano the mobster." - source
    ",1999:blog-2155684671675613468. 2011-07-07T22:28:56.389-04:00. Salvatore-Calcedonia's Blog . Salvatore-Calcedonia Lucania Luciano" - source
  • - Genealogy, really important to me! Help!?
    "Genealogy, really important to me! Help!? ... QuestionHub gathers questions from leading sites, helping you to quickly and effectively find answers." - source
  • Mobsters | Gangster Movies
    "Gangster Movies: (ca 1991) This movie is based on the rise of four leading organized crime figures, from the end of WW 1 to the early thirties. The central character ..." - source
  • The NEWS behind the NEWS. - Page 433 - David Icke's Official Forums
    "Main Forums > Today's News ... Saint LUCY is the patron saint of the BLIND. Feast day is 13 DECEMBER. Birthday BEN ... Pink Floyd's Pink Pig found in California in La ..." - source
  • Rick Porrello's - Allan May's Mob Report current ...
    "9-2-02 "The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano" – Revisited (Part Two) In 1972 Martin A. Gosch contacted Richard Hammer and the two came to an agreement to produce ..." - source

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