Henry Fonda and Shirlee Fonda

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  • Henry Fonda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "Soon after, Fonda married Shirlee Mae Adams, and remained with her until his death in 1982. ... The Films of Henry Fonda. Citadel Press. ISBN ..." - source
  • Henry Fonda (Actor) - Pics, Videos, Dating, & News
    "Henry Jaynes Fonda was an American film and stage actor. ... Shirlee Fonda. Married 1964 - 1982. ... 1931 26 Years Old Fonda was married five times and had three children, ..." - source
  • Shirlee Fonda Biography of {Shirlee Fonda} Shirlee Mae Adams, Bio ...
    "Shirlee Fonda [Shirlee Mae Adams] Celebrity Filmography/Biography flight attendant, Henry Fonda' wife died married Fonda, Stepmother Jane Fonda Peter ..." - source
  • Henry Fonda - Main Page - Philosopedia
    "Henry Fonda (16 May 1905 - 12 August 1982) ... at which time she kept Fonda as her married name. Fonda, with wife Shirlee and daughter Jane at his side, ..." - source
  • The religion of Henry Fonda, actor - World Religions Religion ...
    "He married non-Christian Scientist, with a non-church ... Shirley Fonda; Shirlee Fonda], Henry Fonda's fifth wife, who was married to him from 1965 until his death ..." - source
  • Henry Fonda - Biography
    "Henry Jaynes Fonda Nickname ... The following year he married Frances Seymour Fonda with whom he had two children: ... Shirlee Fonda (3 December 1965 ..." - source
  • Daddy's Girl - Oscar, Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda : People.com
    "During their three months at Squam Lake, Henry and Shirlee Fonda and Jane and husband Tom Hayden, ... "This is the relationship I wish he'd had earlier on." - source
  • Shirlee Fonda - Biography
    "Trivia. She was a flight attendant. She was Henry Fonda's last wife. After he died, she kept her married name of Fonda. Stepmother of Jane Fonda and Peter Fonda." - source
  • Henry Fonda - One-Take - Biography - MEREDY'S PLACE-Classic Movies ...
    "Henry Fonda was married five times. ... Soon after, Fonda married Shirlee Mae Adams and remained with her for seventeen years, until his death in 1982." - source
  • Henry Fonda: 5 Wives Pictures - CBS News - Breaking News Headlines ...
    "Henry Fonda: 5 Wives. ... Fonda was married to fifth wife, Shirlee Mae Adams, when he died in 1982. Credit: AFP/Getty Images. CBSNews.com; Site Map; Video Site Map;" - source

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