Davey Havok and Brittany Bowen

5' 10" (178cm)Height5' 8" (173cm)
BrownHair ColorBlack
BrownEye ColorHazel
3 9 24 88 440 1,645 Connections 2 4 9 24 88 440
Singer  Famous ForModel  
Star Sign Compatibility



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  • Davey Havok and Brittany Bowen Pics - Davey Havok and Brittany ...
    "01 September 2011... 22 pics of Davey Havok and Brittany Bowen. Recent pics. View the latest Davey Havok and Brittany Bowen pictures. Large photo gallery featuring Davey ..." - source
  • Is Davey Havok from AFI still with Brittany Bowen
    "Hey. Just saw your question. Yes, they still together, and to be! :) Did I help ? :)" - source
  • Who is brittany bowen? (Davey havok's current girlfriend) – kgb ...
    "Who is brittany bowen? (Davey havok's current girlfriend) The KGB Agent answer: Brittany Bowen is on the girls basketball team in High School. She plays Guard and is 5-7." - source
  • Is davey havok married? | ChaCha - Questions & Answers | ChaCha
    "Is davey havok married? ChaCha Answer: Davey Havok is not married, but he is currently dating Ivy Levan. ChaCha on!" - source
  • Is davey havok married - WikiAnswers - The Q&A wiki
    "He's never actually talked about his religious views. I'm pretty sure he's an atheist though." - source
  • Brittany and Davey - YouTube - YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
    "The cutest couple to ever be seen I hope they have kids these days Good luck to them!!! Hope you enjoy it." - source
  • Davey Havok Girlfriend - WikiAnswers - The Q&A wiki
    "Brittany Bowen aka Brittany Bao. Breakup rumors are not true, They eat at a restraunt near my work and I see them together all the time." - source
  • Does Davey Havok Have A Girlfriend - WikiAnswers - The Q&A wiki
    "Yes, he does, her name is Brittany Bowen, she's a model for Hot Topic. There's some debate on whether they're dating or just friends, but I'm pretty sure they're dating." - source
  • Does davey havok have a girlfriend? - Yahoo! Answers
    "Best Answer: Davey Havok keeps his personal life very private. He has never (for what I know) publicly talked about his relationship. Therefore, what we know is from ..." - source
  • How gay is davey HAVOK? - Yahoo! Answers
    "Best Answer: not as gay as you are.... ... Davey Havok is not gay, bi, or whatever you want to call it. This is copied and pasted directly from the AFI/DF message ..." - source

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