Full Name:Shawn T. Kemp
Age:47 (November 26, 1969)
Star Sign:Sagittarius
Height:6' 10" (208cm)
Alleged Drugs:Marajuana  Cocaine sources
Six Degrees 1  6  55  301  1,415  4,130 
Famous For:Basketball  

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  • Busted! 100 Celebrities Arrested For Drug Possession: 21-40
    "40. Shawn Kemp The basketball player was arrested in 2005 for having cocaine and 60 grams of marijuana and was arrested again in 2006 for marijuana" - source
  • Police found cocaine, marijuana and a gun - ESPN
    "Former NBA star Shawn Kemp was arrested early Monday after officers stopped a pickup truck he was in and found what appeared to be marijuana and cocaine, authorities ..." - source
  • Shawn Kemp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "Shawn Travis Kemp [1] (born November 26, ... Kemp along with another man were found with cocaine, about 60 grams of marijuana and a semiautomatic pistol, ..." - source
  • The Reign Man | Top 10 Athlete Drug Busts | TIME.com
    "... Michael Phelps is apologizing for a photo that appears to show him smoking marijuana. ... Shawn Kemp, and you’re likely ... cocaine in 2001, Kemp was ..." - source
  • A History of Sports Careers Ruined By Drugs and Alcohol ...
    "Career stats: 16.0 PPG, 9.1 RPG, 1.4 BPG Years active: 1974-1980 Substance(s) involved: Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin. Let his nickname, "Bad News," tell you all you ..." - source
  • Former SuperSonic/Blazer Shawn Kemp Arrested | High Times
    "Former SuperSonic/Blazer Shawn Kemp Arrested. ... After searching the truck, the officer found what appeared to be a small amount of cocaine, ..." - source
  • Portland's Shawn Kemp Enters Drug Rehab For Cocaine Abuse
    "EBSCOhost serves thousands of libraries with premium essays, articles and other content including Portland's Shawn Kemp Enters Drug Rehab For Cocaine Abuse. Get ..." - source
  • Former Sonic Shawn Kemp Arrested On Drug Charges | News ...
    "He and another man were arrested in Shoreline early Monday morning after police found marijuana and cocaine ... Shawn Kemp Arrested ... Shawn Kemp has been ..." - source
  • NBA Rankings: The Top 10 Careers Ruined by Drugs or ...
    "... I did not put David Thompson or Shawn Kemp on this list ... the NBA Hall of Fame in 1996 and Kemp was one of the ... he had a cocaine ..." - source
  • Former All-Star Kemp charged with drug possession
    "Former NBA player Shawn Kemp faces a July 28 court appearance after he was arrested and charged Friday for possession of marijuana." - source

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