Full Name:James Paul McCartney
Age:75 (June 18, 1942)
Star Sign:Gemini
Height:5' 11" (180cm)
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Hazel
Alleged Drugs:Marajuana sources
Six Degrees 28  139  849  3,411  9,620  16,440 
Links:Official Site  Facebook  Twitter  MySpace  Wiki 
Famous For:Musician  

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    "40. Shawn Kemp The basketball player was arrested in 2005 for having cocaine and 60 grams of marijuana and was arrested again in 2006 for marijuana" - source
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    "Paul McCartney really is “mother nature’s son,” and he’s got the arrest record to prove it. In early March of 1973, Scottish police made a discovery on the ..." - source
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