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Hugh Hefner

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Hugh Hefner is an American magazine publisher that Founded Playboy and was/is a playboy himself.
Full Name:Hugh Marston Hefner
Age:91 (April 9, 1926)
Star Sign:Aries
Height:5' 9" (175cm)
Hair Color:Grey
Eye Color:Brown
Alleged Drugs:Viagra sources
Six Degrees 68  208  1,480  5,729  12,401  17,928 
Links:Facebook  Twitter  Wiki 
Famous For:Playboy  

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    "But exes say legendary womaniser, 85, won't stop" - source
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    "Most men have their hands full with one woman. By his own admission, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has bedded over 2,000. But the 84-year-old sex icon is more than a ..." - source
  • Hugh Hefner Has Sex Twice A Week, Playmates Describe Orgies
    "Hugh Hefner opened up about his sex life in New York Times magazine's 'Questions For' column over the weekend. When asked whether he takes "a lot" of ..." - source
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    "Hugh Hefner reflects on life and legacy with Deborah Solomon in her weekly "Questions for ..." interview in the New York Times Sunday magazine, and he ..." - source
  • Hugh Hefner on women as sex objects, blondes and Viagra ...
    "HUGH Hefner on his love of Viagra and blondes, how he helped legalise extramarital sex and what he doesn't allow in the bedroom." - source
  • Playboy Hefner swears by Viagra pills - NDTV Movies
    "Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, who can make women weak in the knees even at 84, swears by anti-impotence drug Viagra to keep his sex life going." - source
  • RXs Drugstore: Buy cialis via pay pal from ultra new pharmacy
    "hugh hefner viagra. Administering vitamin K orally, subcutaneously, or by defecation variable bowel habit is the case that small variations appear highly significant ..." - source
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    "Does Hugh Hefner use Viagra? . Edit. Answered by The Community. Making the world better, one answer at a time. he doesn't need to that man is a ..." - source
  • Hugh Hefner: 10 Truths Behind the Playboy Legend ...
    "Few men have been as mythologized in their own time as Hugh Hefner. But, as with any flesh and blood person, there's a difference between the fantasy and the reality ..." - source
  • How Long Should Viagra Last (Sildenafil) - providerman.com
    "How Long Should Viagra Last. Diary how far does it grow if you took 1 buy cialis australia co wybrac czy cialis can tamsulosin cause erectile dysfunction." - source

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