Age:62 (October 10, 1954)
Star Sign:Libra
Height:6' (183cm)
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Blue
Alleged Drugs:Marajuana sources
Six Degrees 20  234  1,455  4,643  10,473  16,570 
Links:Facebook  Twitter 
Famous For:Singer  

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  • David Lee Roth Is Arrested - NYTimes.com
    "David Lee Roth, the lead singer of Van Halen in the early 1980's, ... Roth was arrested while trying to buy a $5 bag of marijuana, the police said." - source
  • 22 Years Ago – David Lee Roth Busted for Marijuana Possession
    "On April 16, 1993, David Lee Roth was arrested in New York's Washington Square Park for attempting to score some drugs." - source
  • David Lee Roth Photo - 30 Most Embarrassing Rock-Star ...
    "... Annie Leibovitz to David LaChapelle, ... 1993 turned out to be David Lee Roth, who was busted in the midst of procuring a five-dollar bag of marijuana." - source
  • David Lee Roth - Photo 1 - Pictures - CBS News
    "Rock singer David Lee Roth leaves a ... former lead vocalist of Van Halen, was arrested earlier that day while allegedly trying to buy marijuana at Washington ..." - source
  • David Lee Roth Pot Bust News Reports April 1993 - YouTube
    "(From Wikipedia) In April 1993, Roth was arrested in New York City's Washington Square Park for buying what he described as "$10 worth of Jamaican bunk ..." - source
  • 1993: David Lee Roth Arrested in Pot Bust | Nick Dagan ...
    "April 16, 1993, David Lee Roth is arrested in a narcotics sweep in Washington Square Park, for buying $5 worth of marijuana." - source
  • synthetic marijuana | Carlyna Hotel High Nice
    "A drastic changer in behaviour is often observed in people who quit smoking marijuana. ... David Lee Roth Drug abusers often depict a lack of interest in work or ..." - source
  • David Lee Roth
    "David Lee Roth is a famous American rock singer, songwriter and actor. He was born October 10, 1954 in Bloomington, Indiana. Roth is best known as the lead singer ..." - source
  • Lamar County Sheriff's Office Inmate Bookings
    "Maggard, Whitney Rose, Poss Marijuana <2oz. ... Lackey, Kyland Chance, Criminal Trespass Habit; Deadly Conduct. Roth, David Lee, ... David Lee, Bench Warrant/MAN DEL ..." - source
  • Howard Stern-Van Halen...David Lee Roth on his pot bust ...
    "A Different Kind of Truth 2012 Eddie Van Halen Alex Van Halen Wolfgang Van Halen David Lee Roth." - source

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