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Bill Maher

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Bill Maher is an American stand-up comedian, television host, political commentator, author and actor. He also hosts at HBO's 'Real Time with Bill Maher'.
Full Name:William Maher Jr.
Age:61 (January 20, 1956)
Star Sign:Aquarius
Height:5' 8" (173cm)
Hair Color:Grey
Eye Color:Blue
Alleged Drugs:Marajuana sources
Six Degrees 26  172  961  3,406  8,791  15,335 
Links:Official Site  Facebook  MySpace  Wiki 
Famous For:Liberal  

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  • Bill Maher Calls For Marijuana Legalization On 'Real Time'
    "In case you didn't know, Bill Maher thinks it's time marijuana had its day in the sun. The comedian addressed the discriminatory nature of current U.S ..." - source
  • Bill Maher exposes political hypocrisy on marijuana ...
    "Bill Maher points out Jeb Bush is a “cynical turd” and other politicians aren’t much better when it comes to enforcing a prohibition against marijuana." - source
  • Bill Maher: Obama Statement Mirrors NRA Slogan, Legalize ...
    "Bill Maher took to his Real Time With Bill Maher HBO talk show set Friday night and went to work slamming President Obama for asserting in a speech last week that ..." - source
  • Bill Maher - Weed the People - CannabisTube
    "Description: HBO talk show host Bill Maher says it is time for President Barack Obama to pardon marijuana offenders and legalize marijuana at the federal level." - source
  • Bill Maher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "William "Bill" Maher, Jr. (/ ... [52] and has been called "one of the brightest torches for sensible marijuana policy" and "a contemporary cannabis statesman." ..." - source
  • Maher Gives Maureen Dowd, Colorado Weed Advice: Don’t ...
    "Consummate weed smoker and once-a-week funnyman Bill Maher gave Maureen Dowd (a-HEM) and the state of Colorado (the “Jackie Robinson of marijuana ..." - source
  • Real Time with Bill Maher: Weed the People (HBO) - YouTube
    "Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: http://itsh.bo/10r5A1B In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher calls on President Obama to legalize marijuana and pardon ..." - source
  • Bill Maher Demands Marijuana Legalization (Again)
    "New Jersey School Becomes First In U.S. To Allow Medical Marijuana For Students; The Only Marijuana Book You Need; The Emerald Triangle Celebrates Outdoor Cultivation ..." - source
  • Weed Time With Bill Maher | The 420 Times
    "Ballclub co-owner, writer, intelligent talker, Maher is a true renaissance man for this marijuana millennium. But, unlike some decriminalization ..." - source

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