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Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton is the former President of the United States.
Full Name:William Jefferson Blythe III
Age:71 (August 19, 1946)
Star Sign:Leo
Height:6' 2" (189cm)
Alleged Drugs:Marajuana sources
Alleged STDs:Herpes sources
Six Degrees 19  96  463  1,987  6,614  13,522 
Links:Facebook  Twitter  Wiki 
Famous For:Politician  Head of State  

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  • Celebrities With Herpes List | Hollywood Life Magazine
    "Celebrities With Herpes List" - source

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  • In later life, he admitted to smoking cannabis at the university, but famously said that he "never inhaled". - source
  • "...he (Clinton) never inhaled the substance, but rather chose brownies and cookies as his way for dope use. This is according to his former classmate at Oxford, Christopher Hitches." - source

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