Bill Clinton and Belinda Stronach

6' 2" (189cm)Height5' 8" (173cm)
Herpes  sourcesAlleged STDs
Marajuana  sourcesAlleged Drugs
17 78 342 1,463 5,162 11,371 Connections 6 28 92 405 1,711 5,835
Head of State  Liberal  Famous ForPolitician  
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  • The Jawa Report: Meet Bill Clinton's Mistress: Belinda Stronach
    "Meet Bill Clinton's Mistress: Belinda Stronach. ... leading to press speculation that their relationship has moved beyond official "friendship" ..." - source
  • Belinda Stronach is Bill Clinton's Lover, Says Vanity Fair ...
    "Belinda Stronach is Bill Clinton's Lover, ... But Vanity Fair is not the first to point out the relationship between Bill Clinton and Belinda Stronach, ..." - source
  • Belinda Stronach; Bill and Tie's Excellent Adventure! - The Iceman
    "I was aware of the social relationship between former President Bill Clinton and former Tory MP Belinda Stronach, but it was not until today that I learned ..." - source
  • Bill Clinton Spotted with Billionaire Blonde
    "She's been spotted all over town with former president Bill Clinton: a blonde bombshell ... "It's Belinda Stronach, ... a romance between ..." - source
  • belinda stronach and bill clinton - Famous People Biographies ...
    "On this page we invite you to read about belinda stronach and bill clinton relationship and to contribute with interesting facts you may know." - source
  • Bill Clinton's affairs with Gina Gershon, Belinda Stronach
    "The Vanity Fair article also said that Clinton had very frequent dinners with Belinda Stronach, ... Bill Clinton and Gina Gershon? A relationship between the former ..." - source
  • NY Post, NY Daily News 2002: Bill Clinton Seen Dating Belinda ...
    "... Bill Clinton Seen Dating Belinda Stronach & Lisa ... The former US president is reported to have shared an intimate dinner with Belinda Stronach, a married ..." - source
  • Bill (Clinton) and Belinda’s excellent adventure (Another ...
    "Bill (Clinton) and Belinda’s excellent adventure (Another Girlfriend Alert) ... the description used by Stronach's PR people - to true romance. Poor Hillary Clinton." - source
  • A new relationship for Clinton -
    "A new relationship for Clinton. ... personal and business relationship", Bill Clinton has been spotted several times with Belinda Stronach, ..." - source
  • Belinda Stronach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "Belinda Caroline Stronach, PC (born May 2, ... The first vote, on Bill C-43, ... with whom Stronach had a relationship of several months." - source

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