Barry Manilow and Linda Allen

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  • Barry Manilow and Linda Allen - Ask Jeeves
    "Hi Beth, Barry met Linda Allen while he was working at CBS back in the late sixties. And as far as what Linda llen is doing today shes married and is living in Washington ..." - source
  • Manilow, Barry: Linda Allen, labrador retrievers, jewish magazine
    "labrador retrievers, jewish magazine, linda allen: Hello, Corinne! Thank you for contacting me through All Experts. As for the article you mentioned in a Jewish ..." - source
  • Manilow, Barry: Photos of Barry's Loves, high school sweetheart ...
    "Expert: Laurie Wheeler - 2/14/2006. Question Are there photos of Linda Allen with Barry? I'm curious to know about the woman who spent 20 years of her life with Barry." - source
  • Girlfriends of Barry Manilow. The women by the names of Linda, and ...
    "Questions & Answers » Music/Performing Arts » Oldies Music » Manilow, Barry » Girlfriends of Barry Manilow. The women by the names of Linda, and Penny, Linda Allen, who ..." - source
  • Manilow, Barry: Linda Allen / Callback!, cbs studios, rare program
    "cbs studios, rare program, barry manilow: Tom, I did some research and to my knowledge there aren t any surviving episodes of Callback; that doesn t mean they don t ..." - source
  • Manilow, Barry: Barry Manilow and Linda Allen, barry manilow ...
    "barry manilow, brother timothy, linda allen: Hello, Marie! Thank you for your question(s), and for choosing the All Experts service. Now to answer your questions." - source
  • Manilow, Barry: manilow, linda allen, sweet life
    "linda allen, sweet life, mimi: Hi Mimi... This one is really outside my area, but I was able to find the answer for you. Barry was married for about a year in the mid ..." - source
  • Manilow, Barry: Does Barry have a date or..., linda allen ...
    "linda allen, realationship, long time: Hi Tracey, Yes Barry was at one time in a long time relatinship it was with a woman named Linda Allen. This relationship lasted ..." - source
  • Manilow, Barry: I am once again confused, marriage divorce, linda ...
    "marriage divorce, linda allen, happy holidays: Hi Again Carmel, Let me just say that anytime you have a question for me please feel free to ask . Because you are not ..." - source
  • Barry's father and Linda Allen. - MaybeNow
    "I read somewhere that after Barry performed in Could It Be Magic on a television show, he met his father Harold. I am intrigued to know whether or not there wer" - source

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