Angie Dickinson and John F. Kennedy

5' 5" (165cm)Height6' (184cm)
BlondeHair ColorBrown
BrownEye ColorBlue
19 250 1,509 4,275 7,925 12,259 Connections 56 608 2,458 5,515 9,402 13,784
Actress  Famous ForHead of State  
Star Sign Compatibility



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  • Did angie dickinson really date John Kennedy or is that just a rumor?
    "Angie Dickinson and John Kennedy relationship start. Dec. 31, 1960. (Angeline Brown) 30 September 31 is born in Kulm, North Dakota, into a devout Roman Catholic ..." - source
  • angie dickinson and john f kennedy - Famous People Biographies ...
    "On this page we invite you to read about angie dickinson and john f kennedy relationship and to contribute with interesting facts you may know." - source
  • John F. Kennedy and Angie Dickinson - Relationships Analyst for ...
    "Relationship Quotients (RQs) are based on presence and strength of four qualities in your relationship with Angie Dickinson. Their values are listed below:" - source
  • Gangster Movies 1912 Present Definitive Illus History 0306814293 ...
    "... Dickens • Angie Dickinson • Marlene ... Gun Kelly • John F. Kennedy • Robert F ... Rogue Cop • Romance of the Underworld ..." - source
  • -- Top Results For PRESIDENTIAL MISTRESSES , A ...
    "Angie Dickinson and John F. Kennedy. ... with whom he had sex in a hotel closet while her fiancé, Governor Earl Long, was hosting a party in the room next door." - source
  • Angie Dickinson and John F. Kennedy. Gorgeous starlet Angie ...
    "TRUE FALSE: Would the President in question be a Democrat ? TRUE FALSE: Would the President in question be a Republican ? TRUE FALSE: Would the relationship happen ..." - source
  • Angie Dickinson - The Private Life and Times of Angie Dickinson ...
    "Angie Dickinson Photo Gallery. Angie Dickinson ... columnist Louella Parsons reports that “a romance that is ... is among the guests at John F. Kennedy’s pre ..." - source
  • Angie Dickinson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "Angie married football player Gene Dickinson in 1952. ... Dickinson with John Wayne in Rio Bravo. In 1959, Dickinson appeared in Howard Hawks' Rio Bravo, ..." - source
  • Angie Dickinson Nearly Bares It All |
    "Angie Dickinson Nearly Bares It All. ... It has long been rumored that you had an affair with John F. Kennedy. Want to clarify the record? No [laughing]." - source
  • Nameberry: Sweet baby names, from Adeline to Georgia Brown ...
    "JFK's grandfather John F. Fitzgerald, ... it's the full name of Angie Dickinson. ... said to be about his relationship with Carly Simon." - source

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