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What is ShagTree?

ShagTree is a web site that displays relationships of people that may bare the likeness of famous and non-famous people in a fun, visual way.  Your 'shag tree' is like your family tree, but for hook-ups.  Who's in your ShagTree?

ShagTree is the place to go to discuss rumored and alleged celebrity sex, drugs and STDs.  Join the conversation!

Define ‘shag’?

The word ‘SHAG’ means whatever you think it means.  But for ShagTree we are loosely interpreting the word to mean everything from marriage to a rumored sighting.

Who’s on the ShagTree?

ShagTree references links to information about celebrities and other public figures.  Some of the people listed on ShagTree are actors, athletes, CEOs, politicians, models, adult film stars or famous by association.

Where do you get your information?

None of the content or information on ShagTree originated here and everything is sourced with reference links.  We don’t make the celebrity gossip news, we just tell you where it is.

  • There is a references for every piece of content on ShagTree – every date of birth, 'relationship', alleged STD or alleged drug.  Again, there is no new information here.  ShagTree only consolidates information that exists and can be found by anyone searching the web for the same content.
  • The comments on ShagTree are from our community of users.  ShagTree utilizes the Facebook comment system to make it easy for anyone to share their opinions.

    NOTE:  We don’t host the comment system and refer you to the Facebook Privacy Policy and Facebook Terms.  It is possible to post anonymously by logging out of Facebook but by default your Facebook profile is used when you post comments and your comments may appear on your Facebook wall.

Please use the suggestion box on any profile page to report problems and corrections with any content or images and we will correct and/or reply as quickly as possible.  Refer to our terms of service for more information.

How did you come up with the idea for this site?

We have been working on this and off since 2005 and registered the domain back in 2007.  The main goal has always been to present the information in a fun, visual way and we think we have done it.

We've had lots of designs and played with lots of ideas over the years but eventually you have to show something, so here is version 1.  Check back soon and often because there’s a lot more to come.

Please help us!

You can help us by participating in the site and by getting the word out.

If you enjoy browsing around the site, help ShagTree by sharing the site with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites. Also, leave a few comments on the pages of your favorite celebrities.

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Please post your comments and feature suggestions for ShagTree on our home page or on our Facebook page or send an email to [email protected]

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